Target Market

Target Market

The Operational Lending Sphere (Trade Market) of CCDC is eight counties located in northwestern Pennsylvania: Erie, Crawford, Mercer, Lawrence, Warren, Venango, Forest, and Clarion.

CCDC will conduct business development and market its loan products to businesses in the aforementioned Trade Market, to service the borrowing needs of the client. CCDC anticipates seeing primarily long-term positive changes in and around the Trade Market as a result of the lending operations. We project the greatest impact to be on assisting sustainable businesses that have a strong impact on job creation.

Erie and Northwest Pennsylvania

Erie County and the surrounding counties in northwestern Pennsylvania are comprised of both urban and rural communities. Erie is the county seat of Erie County and the fifth largest city in Pennsylvania.

Economic Development

CCDC will also consult with area organizations that are non-profit economic development agencies and that are designated industrial development groups in the Target Market.

The economic development benefits to be gained from the operations of CCDC will occur in several areas.

The first and most obvious benefit will occur through loans to businesses located or willing to relocate in the region. These loans will result in the expansion of operations, improved technology and physical improvements, and job creation and development in the most distressed areas which we service.

The second benefit -- image improvement of the business community that will occur in the region as a result of the impact of these loans -- will be substantial.

The third benefit will occur when businesses are supported through the collaboration of regional resources.