Community Capital Development Corporation

CCDC is committed to becoming the premier minority-focused community development financial institution (CDFI) and venture capital group in our region. We specialize in providing technical assistance and funding to both start-up companies and expanding businesses, giving them the opportunity to grow successfully.

CCDC is actively coordinating with area non-profit economic development agencies and other stakeholders located in our region.

CCDC is mindful to utilize all sources of support to help bring about an economic revitalization in the region. One of our greatest goals will be to work and coordinate with diverse community and economic development elements that will result in new and varied ways to solve economic issues.

Gannon University Arch, Erie, PA
Gannon University Arch, Erie, PA


Assistance is Available

Whether you are starting your own business or looking to expand your existing business, funding is available to meet your needs for capital expenditures and working capital:

  • Short and long term working capital

  • Equipment purchases

  • Debt restructuring

  • Land acquisition/construction

We and our associates will work with you to analyze your needs and review your business plan to accomplish your goals. Our mission is to reconcile risk factors versus community benefit.

Loan Fund disbursements will be made within the guidelines of our Loan Policy, which considers any loan transaction which meets a requirement for return on investment, funding level, risk, and social impact.

Working with Local Institutions

CCDC will partner with established CDFIs and economic development groups located throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Many times, CDFIs do not have the capital available to fully fund eligible borrower loan requests. Sometimes the request is above the organization's lending authority, the CDFI has exhausted its loan funds, or it is unwilling to take the risk with a fully extended loan request.

Joint Ventures with Strategic Partners

Our organization is willing to joint venture with another CDFI and/or economic development partner to fund the balance of proposed projects.