Our management group, with 100 years of combined corporate and financial experience, relies on their unique perspective and operates from the belief that minorities and women-owned entrepreneurs have relatively little access to private equity or debt capital.

Our fund management team has experience in capital investments and business operations, and our experiences create a unique pool of talent.

Our management group will determine the level of technical assistance required for each client as part of the due-diligence process. We will advise and help guide the Fund's growth and investment activities.

The Loan Fund is directed to provide necessary access to capital and credit to fuel and drive the economic engine in this marketplace and continue the economic revitalization. The Fund is directed to make proper assessment of risk versus community benefit. We will work with clients to help them prepare for their credit request.

All requests for credit and capitalization will receive the same level of response and attention.

Within the guidelines of the Loan Policy, we will consider any loan transaction meeting the Fund's targeted requirement for return on investment, funding sources requirements, and mission goals.

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Ted P. Butler, Managing Director
William D. Buseck, Director of Operations/Finance
Fred O. Rush, Jr., Director